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You ready to eRead all those Star Wars books again?

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Today, Amazon is slated to release all of the remaining Star Wars novelizations (Books based on the classic film series, and spin offs, and double-spin offs) into it’s Kindle library. That’s some 100+ eBooks that you can get on your digital reader.

The mega release is a blessing for Star Wars fiction fans, who include myself. Some of the novels, I would strongly argue, are better than the original films which started the franchise. Lo though we trudge through the realm of “Before A New Hope” but the time span that comes immediately after ROTJ represented some truly epic fiction. Of particular importance is the book series that started it all, Timothy Zahn’s “Thrawn Trilogy”.

The Thrawn Trilogy was the first officially sanctioned spin-off books, which were not penned by Lucas or someone working for Lucas. If you have any interest in the Star Wars universe, this is the place to start. The three books, Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command, were the foundation for the expanded Star Wars universe. As such, they are treated as Canon within all of the book series that followed (even in some respects the prequel movies)

So if you are a Kindle user, or have the Kindle app, you may want to take a look for these new additions to the library. And at the low price point of $7.99 each (for most) they are still cheaper than buying a paperback copy.


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