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You Have 1 Less Reason to NOT Play This.

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Everyone should try playing D&D at least ONCE in their lifetime. So, if you or someone you know has been pulling the “Making a character is so HARD” excuse, tell them to stuff it. Today, Wizards of the Coast launched the new web-based version of the D&D Insider Character Builder.

Here are some of the highlights:
* New Design: Completely redesigned from top to bottom in Microsoft Silverlight as a robust character creation wizard.
* No Download: The Character Builder is served from the D&D site.
* PC and Mac Compatible: Requires an Internet connection and Silverlight plug-in.
* Access is easy: Just enter the D&D site, log in, and launch the Character Builder from the Tool Box or the Character Builder tools page.
* Characters in the Cloud: All characters you create are saved on our database. No need to save Character Builder files on your hard drive anymore.
* File Import: You can easily import your characters created in the previous version to the new Character Builder.
* Previous Data: Includes all character-building data you enjoyed in the previous versions.
* New Data Releases: Dark Sun and D&D Essentials data debuts in the new version.

Still not enough? You can view a video demonstration of the new tool here.

HAVE PROBLEMS STILL? Maybe you shouldn’t be playing, but, as a last resort effort to get you to play, I’ll roll some d20’s and point you to the FAQ

Come on, make a character, or better yet, become the Dungeon Master, get some friends together, tell them to use this creator for characters and get started. You’ll have a blast, promise, now roll for Initiative.

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