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Buy This Book and You Can Draw Monstrously Funny Cartoons Too

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I tried my hand at some vampire cartoons courtesy of the instructions from Christopher Hart and his new book Monstrously Funny Cartoons. While I doubt I have a career in art, I had fun reading through the witty text and following Hart’s sketch tips.

monstously funny cartoons cover

Monstrously Funny Cartoons
Author: Christopher Hart
Publisher: Watson-Guptil
Release date: October 14, 2014

Need an activity for after trick-or-treat activities? Grab some scratch paper and pencil and a copy of Monstrously Funny Cartoons!

Christopher Hart’s Monstrously Funny Cartoons will help any budding artist hone skills for drawing better cartoons, whether monstrous or not. As the title says, the focus is on how to draw to draw better monsters. Hart shows you the ropes for zombies, vampires, monsters, aliens, mummies, and gives some layout tips. Each chapter starts off with a few detail basics that will help add emotion and expression to your cartoon. The following pages walk you through a few stereotypes related to the subject. The book does not include step-by-step instructions per se, but it includes clear, basic sketches that are the foundation for each cartoon. To follow along with the sketches, you will need some fine motor skill so this isn’t for the little ones unless they are art whiz kids or have very active parents to assist them.

The practical tips that Hart includes can be specific to the monster or apply drawing cartoons generally. He tells you the difference between a zombie walk and a mummy walk. And, he also explains things the craft like line flow and the best way to draw hands that hold things. The focus on the book being cartoons, Hart addresses how to get the best humor out of drawing all these ghouls.

monstrously funny cartoons vampire

Here’s my Mr. Burns-esque vampire sketch and second attempt in color.

Among all the drawing tips is some copy with a bit of monstrous wit. You could just look at the images and start drawing. But, don’t skip the text! There are some good laughs in here too.

While there are notes on using different body types, there are very few larger bodies represented when drawing the female characters. There are robust guys– a vampire, a big tummy mummy, and a ghoulish brute to list a few—but only a squeezey mom for women that aren’t slender of leg and small in the waist. Particularly in the vampire section, I would have loved to see a Countess Bathory or not so skinny female character for better representation among the sketches. That character can be cobbled together with the images and guidance from the book. However, a sample from Hart would have been nice for reference. (On that note a Blacula example might have been fun too.)

monstrously funny cartoons bat

I tried to draw the bat, a standard vampire familiar.

Hart is a best-selling author of drawing books with over six million books in print in 20 languages. His titles include the Manga for the Beginner series, Draw Manga Now series, and many titles on how to draw animals in modern cartooning.

If you ever wanted to draw monsters and have never tried or you want your co-workers to marvel at the monster doodles you do during staff meetings, you should pick up this book. Break out a pencil and some scratch paper and start drawing!

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