Alan Smithee

“You Are the Controller” Kinect Ads Debut

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I try to not poo on new products before I have had a chance to try them for myself, but there’s something about the latest money grab from the folks at Microsoft with the Kinect that makes me want to drop my pants and do so. The worst thing about it, is that I can see myself picking one up just for my family.

I don’t think there’s enough substance here for this to even be considered a must have item for the core gamers out there, but there is enough of an aww factor with Sprinkles the Tiger to make me want it for my daughter. I just don’t see how Microsoft can come out with this system and keep a straight face when they say that it’s not their attempt at trying to gain some market share in the waggle world that Nintendo is currently CEO/CFO/CIO of.

I’ll eventually make an editorial about this product one day, but know this…I have no idea how they’re going to cram functionality into something that has NO BUTTONS to push. We will soon know won’t we?

I don’t think a driving game will work really well without a wheel or something to hold onto, but also it can’t track your foot movements either when sitting down so how would you do throttle and brakes?

This would have to be the only reason I pick one up. I know, it’s stupid, but damnit cute is cute.

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