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Updated: Xperia Play shipment stolen in mid transit, Vodaphone launch delayed

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The initial shipment of Xperia Play units, the Sony Ericsson portable phone/cellphone/techie thingie was heisted in mid transit on it’s way to it’s New Zealand launch.

Almost all the units that were coming to Vodaphone New Zealand were stolen before they could reach their destination, reports Engadget. The heist compounds the problems that the portable Playstation phone has been experiencing.

Already, the initial delivery in the UK has experienced an ‘unexplained’ delay. And there has been significant interruptions to the supply lines in Japan (because of the Earthquake / Tsunmai and other issues.

It seems like the Xperia Play might be destined to death before it has even been given life. Add into that the recent problems with the PSN network, and you can imagine just how rough things are at Sony this month. Maybe Anonymous orchestrated this latest attack, in an effort to further undermine Sony.

Update: Apparently, it’s all a fake. The shipment wasn’t actually stolen, but the report was a ruse by vodaphone. As in, internal. As in…. publicity stunt.


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