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WPRtech Review: Rosewill Prelude Lite – RWH-002 Wooden Headphones

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WPRtech Review

I’ve had a chance to really put the Rosewill Prelude Lite headset through the paces; from my iPhone 6+, iPad, PC and even podcasting on Skype. Whats the verdict on this set? Well, let me tell you now how my ears have been holding out.

A review pair of the Rosewill Prelude Lite RWH 002 head was provided for review purposes.

First, I’ll start off with the basic selling points from Rosewill

  • Crafted from genuine beach wood
  • Detachable cables and intuitive controls
  • In-line microphone
  • Gold-plated connector
  • Pressure Relieving Memory-Foam Ear Cushions for Comfort.

What does all this mean? Well, honestly. It means that for the $59.99 on Newegg that you get a pretty damn good headphone set with the Rosewill Prelude Lite. It comes with two cords, one that is longer without the in-line mic and another that is shorter with the said mic. Since I the vast majority of the time when I have to wear my headphones is at my PC, I opted mostly for using the longer cord so that I could sit comfortably and have my music or streaming shows keeping me busy while I worked as my family slept. Since moving into a small apartment for the next year before we move back to bigger spaces I’ve had to make some sacrifices. Mostly having to make due with my speakers and sub-woofer on the PC turned down, way down. The RWH-002 headset has played with a crisp clear sound that essentially made me box up the other two sets of headphones back into my “office junk” box. The bass quality was actually one of the more impressive points for me, since I like a good thumping sound that I’ve been missing from not being able to use my sub to its full potential. I was able to play Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas (yes, I’m way behind on gaming) being able to hear motions coming from different directions so that I could react quicker. Most importantly, I was able to take the Rosewill headset to my actual place of employment and spend a few blissful days canceling out all noise while having some productive time getting work accomplished. Hell, I even got complimented on the cool styling of the beach wood craftsmanship, this was coming from people a couple of generations above me (yes, I’m the “young guy” at this job by a few decades). I’m pretty sure a couple of them are already getting some sets for their kids or grand children, whichever makes me feel less old at the moment.

All in all, this headset essentially confirmed that Rosewill products will continue to have their stay when it comes to speakers and headsets among the WPR staff. My ears aren’t smushed, they’re resting comfortably, and the music is flowing. Heck, my kids don’t complain when I make them wear the headset while they do their stuff on the computer. What more could I ask for? Make sure you pick up a pair of the Rosewill Prelude Lite -RWH – 002 headset while they’re (currently) on sale over at Newegg!

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