Ryan Wilson

WPR’s Youtube Channel…Now With “The All-Nighter”!

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Insomniacs, this one is for you!

When I started The All-Nighter back in September of 2010, I had one goal in mind: give the weird parts of YouTube the credit they deserve. However, due to my own shaky memory, new articles often were separated by months, even years, and as such were very difficult to find.

Not anymore. Starting next weekend (Saturday, March 23rd to be exact), The All-Nighter will officially become a twice weekly feature on WatchPlayRead! At the stroke of midnight every Saturday and Sunday, I will be scouring the depths of YouTube to bring you the videos that will follow you long after you turn off the lights.

To celebrate this occasion, we’ve created an official YouTube playlist of every video featured on The All-Nighter, for those extended late-night sessions.

Be sure to subscribe to WatchPlayRead on YouTube to get up to the minute updates on The All-Nighter, plus some very exciting new content we’re not ready to share quite yet. You aren’t going to want to miss this!


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