Ryan Thomason

WPR’s Salt Lake City Advance Screening for TOTAL RECALL!

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Yes, there are three boobed aliens references in this movie. I know that’s the first question everyone has on their mind. Well, most of us.

How the rest of this reboot holds up to the AHHNOLD version we all know, well, we will have to see at this screening! I’m very curious to see how this movie turns out and I hope to see a whole bunch of you crazy people there with me!

When: 7PM, August 2nd
Where: The Gateway, Salt Lake City
How to Win: Visit Gofobo.com/RSVP and enter the code: WPRBHK0 to download a pass to see TOTAL RECALL on 8/2 at 7PM in Salt Lake City! Passes are on a first come, first served basis. Theater is over-booked to ensure a full house.

That’s it! Print your vouchers, get to the theater EARLY and redeem for tickets!

We’ll all be wishing we had that extra hand together.

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