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WPRkids on iOS Games: Safari Tales – Review

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safari tales

Does your kid like animals? Making stories? Going on adventures? Stealing your iPhone so they can play games when it is CLEARLY not the right time to do so? Safari Tales is up your alley.

Developer: Kuato Studios
Summary: Designed for kids ages 3-11, they offer fun and engaging challenges within the prehistoric world that ultimately create a personalized story for parent and child to enjoy. Using innovative technology with the use of SIRI, the child can ask factual questions about the creatures and items they encounter throughout their journey to their own personal sidekick – Darwin. Teeming with wildlife, lava slides, erupting volcanoes, a musical boneyard and more, these games remain enthusiastic while strengthening literacy, reasoning and enquiry skills.

Let me tell you what my first experience was like with Safari tales right after the download was complete and my five year old daughter tapped the game icon on my iPhone 6 Plus. The opening sequence sweeps across a savanna and you get a glimpse of a bunch of different African animals. My daughter honestly loudly said “Whooooooooaaaaahhhhhhh!!” The initial interface is easy enough to navigate and I only had to help her with setting the age and my email address for notifications.

Speaking on that topic. Every time your kid plays the game, you get an email saying that there is a new chapter adventure to read with your kid. Safari Tales takes all the different interactions that the player does in the world and puts it into a storybook format when they are finished, kids get to pick some words that can be changed (think a kid version of a thesaurus) for you to read the story with them. My daughter likes to make me stop and tell me about each thing that happened. Like the time her baby rhino chased a bug and how cute it was. Also, this services to show when my daughter slyly has stolen my phone. There were multiple occasions where I was working at my desk and I would see that I got a new email in my inbox saying a new chapter has been started. I’ll glance down at my desk where I thought my phone was and notice it is missing, only to find my daughter giggling in the playroom as her lion cub slides down a water slide. Or, she asks Darwin, a character in the game questions about animals from either using Siri or spinning a word wheel to form sentences.

All in all, for $3.99, it’s a good purchase for your kid to keep them entertained. Just make sure you put it on a device that is more accessible or you’ll never get to use your phone again.

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