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WPR Talks to DC Comics About the Android Digital Platform Launch!

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I was lucky enough to score some time from Hank Kanalz the Senior Vice President of Digital for DC Entertainment.

DC launched their new digital app on the android yesterday with the help of comiXology. To start the Android app will offer more than 3,000 issues from the DC Comics and Vertigo libraries, priced from $.99 to $2.99 per issue.

The hugely popular $.99 sales will also apply to comics sold via the DC Android app.

Not satisfied with that info, we dug deeper and thankfully Hank answered some of our questions with all the buzz of Comic Con surrounding us!

WPR: Will the big 52 comic relaunch be included in this App on the same release dates?

Hank Kanalz:
Yes. With the DC Comics – The New 52 launch we’re shifting to same day digital so all comics in print will also be available digitally, on the same day.

Do you think that digital media could replace Comic Book stores down the line?

Not at all, we think digital media is additive and a great way to bring in new fans who will ultimately become collectors and visit retailers.

What will be your next focus on the digital media market?

HK: We continue to focus on making our content available wherever consumers are, so you’ll see us roll out across various mobile and online platforms.

WPR: What comic are you most looking forward to in the relaunch?

HK: Well, it’s not a relaunch, and as you can imagine, we work well in advance of publication, so we’ve seen it all. But I’m really looking forward to the fan reaction to JUSTICE LEAGUE #1! It really sets the tone and pace for THE NEW 52.

WPR: How will you address the issue of comic back-issues for new comic book readers with the digital platform? For every new reader you get, they’ll want to know the history if they find a comic worth investing into.

We already have an extensive library of over 3,500 digital comics already available to fans – so it’s a great way for them to go back and catch up with a story or collect their favorite issues. More to come, weekly!

What about the “Gold/Silver” age comics, will we be able to view those digitally from this new App? Can we get to take a peak at classics like Action Comics #1? (not the reboot)

HK: Yes, in fact, ACTION COMICS #1 (the original) and many more issues are part of the Superman 101 event on July 30th.

What do you think is the coolest piece of swag DC is going to have at Comic Con this year?

HK: Have you heard about the Wayne Casino poker chips? I think those are going to be quite the hot ticket item at the show, I want a set! Unfortunately, they are only good in the Wayne Casino. Also, the exclusive cover art portfolios of all of The New 52 covers look terrific — all of them suitable for framing, really.

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