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WPR First Look: DC’s Forever Evil #4

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Damn, I’m really wishing I had started reading these, time to get on the Forever Evil wagon.

Forever Evil Cover

Forever Evil #4
Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: David Finch
Cover by: David Finch, Richard Friend
U.S. Price: 3.99

Synopsis: In FOREVER EVIL #4, Batman must deal with the guilt of Nightwing’s identity being revealed. And even if Dick Grayson returns from the Crime Syndicate alive, will his life be forever ruined now that his deepest secret is out?

Meanwhile, Batman and Catwoman come face-to-face with Lex Luthor and his growing army in the halls of Wayne Enterprises. But what are these two teams doing there? And how does Bruce Wayne have a yellow ring?! Are Batman and Luthor fighting for the same thing or against one another?

Forever Evil 1

Forever Evil 2

Forever Evil 3

Pre-order a copy for yourself: Forever Evil #4 (of 7)

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