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WPR First Look Comics: SECRET WARS #1 Cover

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Shhhhhhhhh!!!! It’s a Secret…..

After a slew of teasers were released over the last couple weeks, Marvel’s next big summer comic event “Secret Wars” has finally been announced, and we have your first chance to see what it’s gonna look like. Or more accurately what the cover is gonna look like. Painted by the great Alex Ross, the cover gives us a preview of the some of the key players appearing in Secret Wars. Honestly, I don’t really know what this event is about, other than it supposedly involves multiple Marvel realities. Which of course makes me start to wonder if Marvel is setting the stage for a 52 style reset. Hmmmm. Guess we’ll all find out together when Secret Wars #1 hits shelves next May.

Cover by ALEX ROSS
Coming May 2015!

Marvel’s Official Release:

You’ve seen Alex Ross’ spectacular promo image. You’ve seen the teasers. You’ve learned the first secrets of Battleworld, the strange, patchwork realm playing host to countless separate realities. Now, Marvel is pleased to present the first cover to next year’s game-changing SECRET WARS #1! From the chart-topping creative team of Jonathan Hickman (Avengers, New Avengers) and Esad Ribic (Thor: God of Thunder) with covers by legendary painter Alex Ross, this 8-issue event brings together a legion of Marvel super heroes for an epic story the scope of which you’ve never seen before!

Now, get a closer look at Alex Ross’ stunning cover to the explosive first issue. Gorgeously rendered by one of the most iconic figures in the industry, this spectacular cover is just the tip of the iceberg – offering fans their first exciting look behind the curtain into the world of Secret Wars!

The road to the biggest comic event of 2015 is happening right now in the pages of Avengers and New Avengers, so jump on board before TIME RUNS OUT! Be there when the Secret Wars commence this May in SECRET WARS #1!

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