WPR First Look Comics: Criminal Macabre ‘The Third Child’

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Steve Niles and Christopher Mitten bring back Cal Macdonald in Criminal Macabre: The Third Child on sale September 17th. Fans of occult and supernatural investigators like John Constantine of Hellblazer, Thomas Alsop, or  Allison Carter of the recent Apocalypse Al series will love Cal. The Third Child picks up right after The Eyes of Frankenstein arc.

Order Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #1 now. It’s perfect for any horror fan.

The Dark Horse blurb:

Cal’s changed . . . and maybe not for the better. Locked away and drowning himself with booze and aspirin, Cal feels the evil consuming him. Will he be able to withstand its pull or will he become the monster war’s greatest weapon of destruction?

criminal macabre preview

Need to catch up on Criminam Macabre? Pick up the omnibus volumes here:

Criminal Macabre Omnibus Volume 1 TPB – nick & dent – $12.49
Retail Price: $24.99
You Save: $12.50
from: Things From Another World

Criminal Macabre Omnibus Volume 2 TPB – $14.99
Retail Price: $24.99
You Save: $10.00
from: Things From Another World

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