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WPR First Look – Adventure Time “The Prince Who Wanted Everything” (Fiona and Cake episode!!)

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The gender switching (among others that are switched) episodes of Adventure Time have been fan favorites. The fact that Fiona and Cake are really just the mad delusions of the Ice King, make it even better.

fiona and cake

Thursday, June 26 at 7:00 p.m. (ET/PT)… “The Prince Who Wanted Everything”– Fionna and Cake, stars of the much-loved special gender switching episodes of Adventure Time are back for a third installment on Cartoon Network!

From what we can tell, obviously Lumpy Space Prince is a pivotal character of this episode. Him showering the lumpy space people with heavy gold bread, tearing through the clouds as they “land” taking some lumpy people with them brought a smile to my face. But, all is not perfect for this prince of the people, his parents are slobbering monsters that want him to be monsters too. Oh, Ice King, just where in the name of science are you taking this story? Who cares though, it’ll be hilarious.

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