Would You Like an Ice Cream Sandwich, Little Boy? Yes Please, Sir!

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Hooray! For months I have read about getting the new Android 4.0 OS upgraded to my HTC EVO 3D phone. The articles said next month, next week, any day now, and then only to be disappointed by the grand day being pushed back and delayed so many times to the point I stopped looking for it. Well today it has finally happened. So, while I let it download and install, I thought I would write a little about it as I am giddy as a little school boy.

This is probably my favorite feature of Android, the ability to get an upgrade or two over the life of the device. It is almost like getting a new phone with each upgrade. While it downloads, here is what Sprint says are the new features to expect:

-A refined, evolved user interface that is simple, beautiful and useful

– Face Unlock: use state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to unlock your phone with a smile

– Redesigned camera app which introduces Scenes like Panorama, and Effects such as Vignette, Depth of Field, Vintage and Posterize

– Web browser now lets you sync Google Chrome™ bookmarks, request full desktop versions of sites, see your open tabs in a new layout

– People: browse friends, family and coworkers, see their photos in high-resolution and check their latest status updates from Google+

– Improved keyboard with incredibly accurate typing, an inline spell checker and improved copy and paste support

– Redesigned Gmail™ app that now lets you swipe between conversations to catch up quickly and search for emails even without a data connection

– Google+ integration that lets you hangout and video chat with up to 10 friends using your front-facing camera

Well, over an hour later, all updates are done. First look at my home screen, I can say that the App fonts have changed a little and seem a bit crisper. Oh- there is a new home row of 4 Apps at the bottom of the screen where before was one long row just for the phone, you know that walkie-talkie app that lets you actually speak with other people when you can’t text fast enough. May I say I love the new ‘Folders’ on ICS, I will actually use them now, where before I only used one for news papers and news stations. How to describe it… it’s like piling up apps on top of apps that make a little square, but in one app spot, when you touch it, all of them pop out and you can select which one you are after. Ah- and when I type the vibrate function is a little different, not so loud, nice, and scrolling through the screens is much smoother. Yay for WIDGETS!

Everything seems to be working, have not found any issues. All in all I would rate this upgrade a 4.0 A+.

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