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World of Warcraft’s 4th Expansion Teased

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Ok, BlizzCon was last week and already the guys at Blizzard are starting to speak highly of another expansion yet to be titled, before their 3rd, Cataclysm, is even released.

Seriously, Cataclysm isn’t even out yet, and we’re already starting to get reports from the gents at Blizzard about this 4th expansion. World of Warcraft’s senior producer John Lagrave was quoted as saying the following to the guys at Game Informer over the weekend:

“The thing we’re trying to do in the next expansion is pretty f’ing awesome. We’ve now got a central idea [for expansion #4] that makes me happy and gets me excited, and it makes everyone else happy and excited.

When everybody gets happy and excited, we know we’re on to something. We don’t know if it’s going to be the final thing, but we know something good is coming. Will it top Cataclysm? I think it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. I’m really hopeful.”

You WoW addicts won’t be able to get Cataclysm until the 7th of December, but will be able to get it a little before launch as a download…which was also announced this weekend at BlizzCon. Go figure.

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