Brian West

Wonder Woman’s Costume Has Finally Been Unveiled For Batman V Superman

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Today Warner Bros has finally revealed the long awaited first look at Gal Gadot in the her Batman V Superman Wonder Woman Costume, and i think it looks pretty bad ass. It sticks to the fairly traditional look for a Wonder Woman costume, with a couple differences. First the colors are obviously much different. Gone are the red, white, blue, silver and gold, replaced with the more traditional bronze and browns associated with ancient Greek culture. Which considering that is where Princess Diana’s Amazonian heritage stems from, seems fitting. Second, the classic boots and bracelets have been replaced with way cooler armored versions. All in all, i think these updates will play much better with the muted tones and dark feel that Batman V Superman appears to be going for, and honestly this new look for Wonder Woman looks a little more believable then her normal comic book version. Hopefully this will help ease the fears of all those who thought Gal Gadot was a poor choice to play the famous Amazon, personally i think she look amazing. I can not wait for Batman V Superman to hit theaters.

Now which one of you fanboys said I was too skinny?…

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