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Wizards Releases “New Phyrexia” Deck Box Artwork and Names

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Wizards recently announced the new “Event Decks” for the upcoming New Phyrexia expansion.

From the official product description:

War of Attrition
Swiftness and superior Equipment enable your forces to get out fast and hit hard. But tactics and patience will also pay off when your reinforcements withstand the enemy’s onslaught and then strike the killing blow!

Rot from Within
Wield a deadly Phyrexian swarm of virulent horrors! Aberrant growth spells keep your opponent wary of even your smallest creatures. After the initial assault, your hulking abominations will feast on your enemy’s wounds.

From the looks of it, we’re getting a White Weenie style equipment based deck. Probably using the block mechanic of Metalcraft. It is speculated that Stoneforge Mystic could be in this deck. Stoneforge is currently a twenty dollar card in the secondary market, so it would all but pay for the deck if included. “Rot from Within” looks to be a mono-G infect deck. Wizards has been touting for a while that there was a really effective mono-G Infect deck in the metagame, but it just hasn’t shown itself, maybe this is the answer.

Both of these decks will be released on June 10th. And will set you back about $25 bucks.

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