Why Not Give Happy Death Day a Chance?

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Happy Death Day

Directed by: Christopher B. Landon

Written by: Scott Lobdell

Starring: Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard

Running time: 96 minutes

Stinger: No

Some films are true pieces of art, beautiful through out. A perfect film blends both art and entertainment. Evoking emotion with stunning imagery and engaging the viewer with a story that they can relate to. The flip side of that are movies that are neither art nor entertainment, but rather ill conceived cash grabs put together by individuals that think they’re good at what they do but are gravely mistaken. Usually these movies only get made because the studios underestimate our intelligence. If you’ve watched the news lately you can comprehend how that’s possible. Now this scale has a lot of nuance, movies much like anything in life is made up of many shades of gray. There’s a special spot on this scale, a sweet spot if you will. This stunning shade of gray lies just above the boarder of awful. Some call the movies that resides here guilty pleasures. Being someone whom never feels guilt for things I enjoy simply call these movies fun. They’re nothing fancy, but they’re easy to consume—like a cheese burger.

Some people are arguing that Happy Death Day is not a good movie, and they are not wrong. However, the fact that these same people hate this movie makes me wonder what they were expecting when they stepped into the theater. See…Happy Death Day is a movie the resides firmly in the “fun” zone. It’s whole premise can be summed up with a few words: Groundhog Day meets slasher film. But dammit it’s entertaining…and trashy, and most importantly self-aware. Which personally I think makes it all the more fun. It is neither art, nor unwatchable. It just is—funny.

Don’t mistake Happy Death Day as a horror film. This is a comedy with some violence, comical violence, and a few jump scares. I laughed out loud, quite few times, and I wasn’t the only one.

Blumhouse has certainly found a niche with films like these. I used to view them as a determent to the future of domestic horror. I honestly had a prejudice against them despite liking quite a few films they have produced. Once I got over all the Parinormal Activities, and what they did to Jem, I realized that with movies like Get Out, Creep, and Hush, Blumhouse might possibly be domestic horror’s only only hope.

This is Halloween season and let’s face it there’s not a whole lot of spooky movies in the theaters worth seeing right now. So I’m saying give Happy Death Day a chance. You might be surprised.

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