Whorin’ The Comics – 17th June 2009

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Another week, too many comics coming out that everybody should be reading.  As always the full list can be found here. Hit the jump for the Media Whore guide to the comics you should be reading this week.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #1

batmanThe first in a new monthly series which ties into the Batman: Reborn story.  Streets of Gotham deals with the rise of the new Batman who begins to take on the criminals of the Gotham underworld and how both friend and foe react to Gotham’s newest, old hero.  I really like how DC have taken a leaf out of Marvels books by creating separate comic books series to tell one large story in a straightforward manner, I think it’s something they should have started doing years ago.  If you’ve always wanted to get into Batman but have been daunted by the sheer amount of books out there, now would be a great time to start reading.

Ultimatum Spiderman: Requiem #1


The Spiderman of the Ultimate universe has fallen and this first part of a two part story looks back on the life of the everybody’s favorite webslinger from the perspective of J. Jonah Jameson.  The Ultimates universe is an alternate universe to the traditional Marvel one where all of the major superheros have had new origin stories and the stories take a more mature and political angel.  I’ve always preferred the Ultimate universe and I think it’ll be an interesting to read Spidermans swansong written by one of his most outspoken critics.

Star Trek: Wrath of Khan #2


After the massively successful Star Trek: Countdown which was the prequel comic to the recent movie, it’s time for the Wrath of Khan to get the comic book treatment.  The comic is a straight up adapatation of the film and it looks like it’s a great way for people to experience the movie if they’ve never seen it, especially as it’s arguably the best Star Trek film and the most competent.  I really like the retro style of the artwork in the comic, it makes it look the old television programs and gives the comic a bit of nostalgia which should keep Star Trek fans happy.

Ex Machina #43

exmachinaThe Great Machines archenemy has inexplicably returned from the dead to take on his nemesis whilst a deadly plague grips the city in terror.  The series is slowly coming to an end but the great thing is every story arc is very accessible making it easy to go into a comic book shop and grab any one of the graphic novels and see what you think.  One of my favorite comics at the moment, Ex Machina deals with real world issues and puts a superhero spin on them.

Invincible #63

invincbileIt’s war and Invincible is the only one who can save the Earth, again. Everybody should be reading Invincible, it’s a superhero story for people who don’t want to be bugged down by the convoluted histories of the DC and Marvel universes.  One of the best monthly comics around at the moment, if you’ve been following this column you’ll already know of my love for everything Robert Kirkman does and this comic is no exception.

That’s it for another week, what are you guys going to be picking up this week?

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