Whorin’ the Comics – 1 July 2009

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A couple of interesting new properties are starting up this week and a couple are that are so popular the powers that be have given us a second printing if you missed it the first time. As always the full list can be found here, hit the jump for the Media Whore picks of the week:

Y: The Last Man #1 Special Edition

ythelastmanThe very first Y The Last Man has been reprinted and is being released for $1 for this price everybody should go and pick it up.  Y The Last Man tells the story of Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand as they come to terms with the realisation that they are the only males left alive on the planet after a mysterious plauge wipes out the rest of mankind, leaving only women to look after the planet.  Y is one of my favorite comics it’s superbly written and drawn I can’t recommend this book enough and for a $1 you’ve got no excuse not to give this comic a go.

Captain America Reborn #1 (of 5)

captainamericaGood heroes can’t stay dead can they?  Somebody may have found a way to bring Steve Rogers back to life but are they too late to stop the Red Skulls ultimate plan coming to fruition.  The death of Captain America surprised me, I thought it was a really bold move for Marvel to make especially with one of their oldest and most popular characters, I just hope that they handle the rebirth properly and don’t ruin the franchise for possible new readers which I’m guessing is who they’re are going after with this series reboot.

Star Wars: Invasion #1

starwarsAfter an initial 16 page run on starwars.com, the new Star Wars story is becoming a monthly story.  Set 25 years after the Battle of Yavin, Invasion deals with the appearance of a new threat to the peace of the galaxy the Yuuzhan Vong.  I’ve always been a fan of the Star Wars extended universe and think that some of stories have been really good especially the ones that involve the Skywalkers and the Solos and I’m sure fans of Star Wars will be all over this.

Chew #1 2nd Printing

chewChew has been so popular that they’ve had to reprint the first issue for a seconod time.  Chew tells the story of Dectective Tony Chu, a police officer with a secret, whatever he eats he gains a psyhic impression from, this makes him a great dectective as long as he can stomach what he’s got to eat.  Chew sounds like a really interesting idea and if they’ve had to reprint the first issue the comic must be doing something right it looks like this could be a worthwhile read.

That’s my picks for the week, what are you guys going to be picking up down at the comic book shop this week?

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