Where’s The Game Going, Bingo? Resident Evil 4 On App Store Then Pulled

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First off, the news about a mobile port of Resident Evil 4 isn’t new, (quite the contrary: we’ve known about a mobile version since 2007) but what we didn’t know was that it would end up on the iPhone, or at least it would for a brief time. According to the Japanese site Appbank (and Babelfinullinullation) There’s an iPhone version of Resi 4 that has apparently been pulled. No word from Capcom Japan yet, but judging by the video above and the screens in the article, it looks legit.

Running on what looks like an engine based on the iPhone game of the CGI movie Resident Evil Degeneration, the game seemingly starts about 5-10 minutes after the original game, with Leon already in the village fighting the surrounding Ganandos. The controls seem to work surprisingly well, with moving around and shooting looking easy enough. You can tell that it’s an iPhone game though as there are barely any Ganandos and they aren’t as clever as their GC/PS2/PC/Wii counterparts.

After killing a few, some text and pictures ripped from the console versions of RE4 pop up and bam, there’s Dr.Salvador. We don’t get to see what happens as the video cuts out halfway through but the screenshots show that you can kill him and get a ruby. That’s all we see though, which makes me wonder whether this is just another demo given that we hadn’t heard anything about this mobile version since the one time it was shown.

Outside of the gameplay, the screenshots show that as well as story mode there is also what sounds like Mercenaries mode too. As for graphics, I can’t say they’re too nice. They match the RE1-3 level of graphics which I don’t have a problem with but the browns of RE4 mean that the game looks very ugly and muddy on a system like the iphone. Finally, do we really need yet another port of RE4? I know it’s a good game but give the girl a rest now.  However there is something positive that comes out of this (well, me speculating). If the iPhone version got this level of care then hopefully the same can be said of the yet to be seen Resident Evil Portable.

Source: Appbank

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