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We’ve got the VIP Tickets to the Advance Screening of MAN OF STEEL! Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City only, Who wants some?

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Put on your best red cape (or do your 5 year old self justice with your mom’s favorite red sheet) jump into your superman/girl suit, strike a pose and take a picture. That is how you can win a pair of VIP Tickets to the Advance Screening of Man of Steel!

Or you can be an overachiever.

Or you can be an overachiever.

ADVANCE SCREENING DATE: The screening is on MONDAY, JUNE 10th @ 7pm (Portland/Salt Lake City) and @ 7:30 PM (Seattle)

WHO CAN WIN: IF you live within driving distance of Seattle, Portland or Salt Lake City CONGRATS! You can enter this contest.

supergirlHOW TO WIN:

There is a REQUIREMENT of verification on every entry. That means, either in a separate picture or the picture you post, you need a written sign/paper saying “WPR and [the days date]”. PLEASE VERIFY IN YOUR PICTURE OR A SEPARATE PICTURE SO WE CAN CLEARLY TELL IT’S YOU, WHEN SENDING TO US.

STEP 1: Take a picture of yourself in a Superman or Supergirl suit, that red sheet you have in the house, whatever. SUPERMAN OR SUPERGIRL IT UP! Go the extra mile with a video.
STEP 2: Post the picture here in the comments or WPR Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, G+) or email it to contests[at]watchplayread.com with I’M SUPER in the subject line.
STEP 3: MAKE SURE You tell me which city (Portland, Salt Lake City or Seattle) you are keeping safe from the likes of General Zod, when you post/send your picture. This is so we can divide up the cities and who wins. Also, if you live in Seattle, you probably don’t want to fly to the Salt Lake Advance Screening, unless you CAN.
STEP 4: Wait for us to declare which is our staff favorites and we will announce the winners on SUNDAY June 9th at 5pm/pacific. Bonus points for originality/spunk/funny/having fun, don’t expect to win solely on your good looks alone, that’s not how the geek world works.

Your VIP ticket is a pair of GUARANTEED SEATS in the screening. Show up right before the screening starts and walk past all the people who’ve been waiting all day in line and enjoy the movie.

We will be giving away FIVE Pairs of VIP Tickets in Seattle along with FIVE pairs in Portland and TWO Pairs of Tickets in Salt Lake City (See bonus below to make up for not as many VIP seats)


If you are one of the winners, we will be posting your picture unless you explicitly tell us not to.

Bonus: Live in Salt Lake City? We have 20 Gofobo passes you can print off as added security.

Have fun! You guys are truly our superheroes and we wouldn’t be where we are without your support!

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