Ryan Wilson

Weezer’s New Album is Trying to Seduce Us

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I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the band Weezer. They graced many a Walkman in the mid 90’s and they brought in the new millennium right with their unique brand of nerd rock. Hell, I even enjoyed a good part of Make Believe (though the urge to turn the radio as quick as possible during “Beverly Hills” is still strong today). However, the releases of The Red Album and Raditude had soured me to the band. All of their music seemed to blend into itself by that point. Their new album, titled Hurley promises a return to basics, or as frontman Rivers Cuomo put: “There’s definitely going to be more raw rock energy on this one”. Also noteworthy: this is the band’s first venture under an independent label, as previous publisher Universal Music Group has been replaced by Epitaph Records.

Before you begin throwing money at anything that may have remotely touched J.J. Abrams, know this: the album’s relationship to LOST doesn’t go any further than the cover. Rivers Cuomo, like myself, has only gotten as far as “LOST is just a show about plane crash survivors”.

Hurley hits store on September 14th.

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