Weapon Of Choice headlines latest Dance Central DLC

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It’s Walken time! Four new tracks will be making their way to Dance Central tomorrow. The tracks are as follows, and will cost 240MSP ($3!?) each:

Weapon Of Choice – Fatboy Slim
Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani
Keri Hilson – Turnin’ Me On
Paula Abdul – Straight Up

The highlight of this DLC is of course, Weapon Of Choice, a great song in its own right but most people will remember it for the amazing music video for the song starring everyone’s favourite…person, Christopher Walken. If you’re not able to fly around your ceiling while playing this song in Dance Central then it will be quite disappointing.

Source: Joystiq

UPDATE: Here is a trailer for the new DLC tracks, and the Walken dance moves are included!

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