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Well you had to know I was morbidly curious about this one. I probably haven’t got a whole to add that hasn’t already been said as the demo I played at Eurogamer was the same as the one had a limited release in June (that I didn’t have a chance to play at the time). Still, here are my impressions.

The demo was two acts from the game’s remake of Green Hill Zone, with one allowing me to play as Classic Sonic and the other as Modern Sonic. Since the promise of “Classic Sonic” gameplay was the only thing keeping me a tiny bit interested, I played that first. It’s certainly plays well enough, better than the other Sonic for sure. At last there’s some actual proper platforming involved again and I didn’t feel like I was running into any cheap pitfalls or enemy placements. Not only that, I actually had to spindash at some points since there’s no boost button. Everything you’d expect to find from a Mega Drive Sonic game was there, which isn’t a huge surprise considering Green Hill Zone was the first level ever.

The catch? To me at least it still didn’t feel faithful enough to the Mega Drive era games. It’s safe to say that there will never be a 1:1 match with that game’s physics, but again Sonic Team haven’t replicated those physics well enough. It’s not Sonic 4 level of bad physics, but the controls were pretty floaty and it was difficult to be precise during some of the platforming parts. Even though you do have to spindash, that will give you a speed boost that is way beyond what it should be. Classic Sonic games were fast but they weren’t this fast. It’s not to a point where it annoys me, but it certainly felt different.

After that I played as Modern Sonic and I really haven’t got a whole lot to say about that as it’s essentially the formula that was started with the daytime stages in Sonic Unleashed. Again, not bad but not really that gripping for myself. I was able to just boost through most of the level and still get a good grade so it didn’t feel like there was much of a challenge. Maybe that’s just due to it being an early level in the game though. It was nice to see how well Green Hill Zone was adapted as a Modern level.

So my conclusion? You may be surprised to hear this, but I think Sonic Generations will be a good game. This isn’t me jumping on the Sonic cycle again either. As much as I disliked Unleashed, the daytimes stages were somewhat good and since then that style of gameplay has become the standard, with Sonic Colors last year and now this game. And with Classic Sonic, there is a better attempt than Sonic 4 did of replicating the gameplay of Sonic 1 to 3 even if it’s far from perfect and for most people it shouldn’t be a problem. With all that being said I won’t be picking it up, at least new, because it’s just not something I’m that interested in anymore, good or bad. Still, the Sonic series is probably in the best place it’s been since the Dreamcast.

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