Alan Smithee

Watch Quicksilver Tear Things Up

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I have to admit, I’ve been fearing the release of the nest X-Men movie because I feel that there’s no way that this film could possibly live up to the hype. I like many, are fearing a repeat of X-Men 3 insofar that they grasp too far and try to do too much with little time. Yes, I realize that many of you may think that wasn’t the third movie’s downfall, but c’mon, it was a big part of it.

So with the imminent release of X-Men: Days of Future Past upon us, I keep seeing clip after clip of action scenes that get me all kinds of excited…so much so that my fears are dropping one by one. The unofficial mantra at WPR has been “Wait and see” because getting riled up over unknowns is an exercise in futility, but just watch the newest of the Power Piece series of clips (this one focuses on Quicksilver) and tell me this movie looks dumb. I dare you.

Evan Peters looks like he’ll handle this role well, which must be a nice change of pace since he barely spoke on this last season of American Horror Story…and heck I’m all for making a superhero that entices kids to run more. I’m genuinely excited for this movie especially since First Class was pretty damn good, this one should be more of what we loved…and less Kevin Bacon.

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