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Watch DC’s Batman Beyond Animated Short

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75 years of bone breaking justice……


Batman’s 75th Anniversary Celebration is now underway over at DC comics and much like they did last year for Superman’s 75th birthday, they have released a fantastic animated short to pay homage to the Dark Knight. Directed by Darwyn Cooke, this short is actually a Batman Beyond story that features the original voice actors of Kevin Conroy (Bruce Wayne) and Will Friedle (Terry McGinnis). For any fans of the Batman Beyond animated series (like myself), this pretty awesome short is a great chance to see Wayne and Mcginnis back in action, and to start once again wondering why DC still hasn’t given Batman Beyond the full-length animated movie treatment. That however is probably a question for another day. Now is the time to celebrate all things Batman, and if you pay close attention to the short, you’re gonna see some pretty cool nods to a ton of Batman’s different looks throughout his seventy-five years. Check out this action-packed short and let us know what you think.

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