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Want in on C&C4’s Multiplayer Beta?

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you'd better watch out, Kane will give you a choke slam...oh wait, wrong Kane!
If you’re one of the masses who can’t wait to get their hands on the next installment of Command & Conquer, then your prayers might be answered in the form of a multiplayer beta that EA will be giving THOUSANDS of keys away pretty soon. However, there is one little catch.

In order for you to reap the benefits of the C&C4 multiplayer demo, you need to either create or login to your GameSpot account and go to the C&C page…and just wait for them to send you one. That’s it!

The game demo will feature 4 levels that will be available in the wide-release of the game. So if you want a chance to crush the GDI or the Brotherhood of Nod once and for all, now’s your chance. Once you log into the GameSpot server and click on the Command & Conquer link, you’ll most likely receive the following message:

Thanks for your interest in the Command & Conquer 4 Open Beta. We’re currently limiting the rate at which we’re distributing keys, but we’ve just secured you a place in line. We’ll display your key here when we release more keys in the coming days, and we’ll be sure to notify you by email as well.

Congrats! You’re now on a waiting list to play a multiplayer demo for a game that’s not coming out til later this year…yay?

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