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The Walking Dead – Infected, Review

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If the zombie apocalypse ever happened, I want my kids with Carol.

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Spoilers for Infected, AHOY!

From a character that started as an abused wife, watched her husband die, survived with the group with her little daughter Sophie. Who then lost her child when the little one became a Walker. To a competent fighter, leader of the traveling pack the show focuses on. Now? Carol is more, teaching kids in secret how to kill a Walker, so that they may be say. Telling a child, with the best of intentions and full of love, that they are weak. It wasn’t hurtful, it was matter of fact, it was a matter of survival. The fact that Carol is the one who has taken it upon herself was the mother protector of the group isn’t too surprising. She’s always been a good character, but this season it seems as if they’re empowering her with something a little more. And damn, do I like it.

I’ll be really, really upset when/if they kill Carol. The thing is with The Walking Dead, you can’t get attached to anybody. It’s been the subtle theme that I keep seeing after these first two episodes, “Don’t get attached, everyone dies”. Maybe this is just a way to whittle down the group after it’s grown in size back down to the original core cast that slug it out from Atlanta to the damn Farm. (I’m still a little bitter about season 2) Who knows? What we do know is that there is a flu strain that seems to be linked to the virus that kills people by essentially blocking blood up in places in the body until they pop. Unless I heard wrong. Thank goodness the writers are injecting the doctors with a bit of common sense when they decide to start splitting up those that are showing symptoms.

Sorry Tyrese. You’ll have to save those flowers for a grave.

TWD_402_GP_Daryl MaskWhile I’m in agreement with Xopher when he said last week that essentially Rick doesn’t need to be the sole focus of the show; i’m glad he seems to be coming back to his senses. When he came out on the trailer that Daryl was pulling in the truck. I saw the big box and immediately knew what he was going to do. Rick slashing the piglets and dropping them to lead the swarm away from the almost breached wall, getting splashed in the face with little bacon blood. He seemed to realize that the Prison wasn’t going to keep the zombies out and him locked into his own little world. Maybe he’s ready now to step up to the leadership role that Daryl, while digging graves told Rick over and over he had earned. Giving Carl back the gun, and putting his gun belt back on at least will get us less mopy Rick.

There is a lot going on right now, mostly questions that can’t be answered. Michone is hurt, and apparently is a tough badass, except that babies make her turn into a broken human being. Is that one little girl that Carol called weak feeding rats to the zombies she keeps naming? He r little sister said she isn’t “Weak, just Messed up”. Yeah, feeding rats to chain-link clingers trying to eat you is pretty damn messed up. How a little girl is catching the rats, taking them down to the fence with a flashlight, feeding zombies and NOBODY IS NOTICING. Is a little beyond me. Is this new infection going to give cause to abandon the prison? From the previews of next week’s episodes it seems to be more of that possibility coming to fruition.

Sound off below! I know I didn’t talk about everything so let’s carry on from here.

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