Walking Dead #78

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To be honest with you all I have never read “Walking Dead.” Like every other geek on the planet, I am ecstatic for the TV series that begins at the end of this month. Before the series started I thought I would check out the source material. This issue is written by Robert Kirkman of “Marvel Zombies” fame and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

Honestly I felt like the guy who walks in the middle of the movie, looks up at the screen and asks “What just happened?” the story picks up where the previous issue ends, and I had to gather clues as the story went along. Lucky for me story was written well enough that I could do that. I won’t comment on the story, because I don’t know enough. I will say this- I have already found myself invested in the characters, I didn’t see a single zombie until page 18 and I didn’t mind.

I’m usually not a fan of black and white comics, but I enjoyed the art work. The second to last page was a splash page that made me have a geekgasm.

This book is $2.99, and if you are looking for something off the usual beaten path this might be the book for you.

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