Ryan Thomason

Wait!?! People Are Still Into Elfquest!?

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If you don’t remember the Elfquest series that started in 1978 and apparently ran through 2010 then you missed out on a nice treat. This was the series that a lot of us geeks cut our teeth into the fantasy genre so you’ll be surprised to know that it has a movie in the works from Warner Brothers.

This isn’t an official trailer, but one that is a decent fan made one at least that was made by ElfQuest fanatics (and webseries stars). So, if you’re like me, and wanted to see Nightfall and Timmain in the flesh here is a good opportunity for you. This was done with the approval of the creators Richard and Wendy Pini, and you’ll probably notice one of the faces, Jessica Rose (lonelygirl15). Also, if you want to get back into the books, (or start out) they are now all digitally done and ready for download. HELL YES!

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