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V’s Finale Left Me Wanting

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I’ve watched every single episode of this show religiously and last night’s episode was no exception to this…except this time, I watched it LIVE.

When I latch onto a show, I ride the damn thing out. When the first season of V was happening, I had complaint after complaint about the show, and this season has been not TOO much different…except in the last few, they’ve finally gotten their shit together.

Don’t get me wrong, this show is still pretty damn horrible as far as prime time sci-fi is concerned. The CG was pretty laughable and many of the characters that populated this show’s cast were moan inducing with their acting. There was however the promise of something epic.

Considering the source material and the 80s television show, we knew that there was eventually going to be a series of battles between the Visitors and members of the human/V resistance. We knew already that the Vs were lizard people, and we knew that they didn’t have Earth’s best interests at heart. I can go on and on with what this series SHOULD have delivered, instead I feel that it’s only fair that review it based on what we got.

The very premise of this episode was the Fifth Column teaming up with Diana (the old V queen) to eliminate Anna (current queen) once and for all using the help of Lisa (the queen to be). Instead of this being a very action packed episode like we were promised during the last week’s preview, it plays out like a SBD fart that sometimes causes a cheek rattle.

I’m going to go very spoileriffic here so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, you’ve been warned.

– So…instead of Lisa following through with the plans of killing her mom with one of the V’s immolation-guns, she’s tricked into believing that Anna REALLY DOES have human emotions and cares for her daughter. This should have been completely transparent to Lisa, but NOOOOOO, she has to have a change of heart and lets her mom live.

– Ryan the V is murdered by his daughter in her room, and the worst part about it is that Ryan’s death seemed so anti-climactic for a character that was a fan favorite. His neck was snapped by a giant CG green tentacle V tail that came out of his daughter’s backside. Derp.

– The train of death continues with Diana getting her insides turned into outsides thanks to queen Anna’s all powerful V tail. Yep, two scenes with the green tentacle tails this episode.

– Anna locks up Lisa and instead covers her newly hatched daughter (another queen) in skin that looks identical to Lisa’s current guise.

– My favorite part of this episode is the death of Erica’s dumbshit kid Tyler at the hands of the alt-Lisa. After she gets the fill of his seed, she does the gouging neck bite thing while the real Lisa watches from her prison cell. Hooray for one of TVs most derpy characters meeting his end. I liked the actor, but the role was just annoying as hell.

– Erica is apparently being monitored by her boss and Dutch from The Shield at all times, and they JUST now find out that she knows everything there is to know about the V’s plans on Earth, she is kidnapped and taken to some secret government agency hideout a mile below Manhattan, dubbed Project Aries. The group is headed by Marc Singer (who hasn’t aged well at all I’m sad to say), and they’re supposedly a resistance organization who we just now hear from.

– Finally, Ryan’s patricide committing daughter is apparently able to ‘bliss’ the entire planet into subservience. END EPISODE

Seriously, if they ended it right here, I could probably survive, but as much as I make fun and piss all over this show, I did enjoy this season and would love to see this show return for a third season only because I don’t want to be forced to watch more sitcoms and reality TV or worse…cop shows. I watch too many of those already.

Please ABC, give them a few more episodes to wrap this whole thing up.

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