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Viz Announces Black Bird Complete Box Set with a Bonus Hardcover Art Book

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Supernatural romance fans rejoice! Kanoko Sakurakoji’s phenomenal series Black Bird is set to be released in a gorgeous box set along with a hardcover art book!


Black Bird is story about a young girl, Misao Harada, who’s luck could be considered both good and bad. Having a ability to see spirits since she was a young girl, Misao has always been plagued by the mischievous creatures who find it entertaining to terrorize her. She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend. But after an old neighbor moves back into the house next door to her her life is turned upside down. Kyou Usui, a childhood friend returns and reveals that Misao is the bride of demon prophecy–her blood grants incredible powers and her flesh immortality. Not only that, but Kyou himself is a demon and will defend Misao against  those who wish to hurt her. But what are Kyou’s true intentions for Misao? Does he wish to claim the Bride of Prophecy for himself or does he truly care for her?

“The Black Bird manga box set offers a comprehensive way to enjoy this acclaimed fantasy story in its entirety and the bonus art book also lets new and veteran fans enjoy even more of Kanoko Sakurakoji’s beautiful shojo illustrations,” says Pancha Diaz, Editor. “With its winning mix of romance and a captivating story about the darker corners of the supernatural world, Black Bird has continued to be a consistent favorite with readers. We look forward to fans catching the complete series with this new release from the Shojo Beat imprint.”

Kanoko’s art is outstanding!  From it’s exciting battles between powerful demons to the tender scenes between Misao and Kyou, each page is a delight both visually and story wise. I’d say the art book is a real selling point on this box set but with such an outstanding manga it’s just one more bonus to this fantastic set. With a lovely colored box packed with all 18 volumes of the manga its a great addition to any shelf.  Mark your calendars for Oct 21st and get ready for an exciting supernatural romance story that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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