Video: Mythbusters – Compact car vs. Rocket Sled

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From the myth “Compact Compact”.

This is to me, one of the best shows of all time. It’s intelligent, scientific fun… riddled with mindless explosions and accidents. Luckily their contract has been renewed for another six seasons a little while back so we’ll be seeing plenty more of this as time goes on. This video is of one of my favorite myths they attempted to bunk. The concept was that two semi trucks could completely crush a compact car between them in a head on collision. Officially, they did prove it false. The trucks, even with a good hit, would do a great deal of damage, but it wasn’t completely obliterated. So to sate the appetites of the fans even though the myth is just a myth, they decided to see what it would take to completely decimate the vehicle. So they went and got a rocket sled. Here is the result;

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