Video: Hunted – The Crucible

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Showcasing the custom dungeon making tool for all your collected gold in-game.

We’ve recently been introduced to the game that is Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. It looks to be an interesting co-op game due to their building the co-op from the beginning instead of just throwing in another player into the game with no changes whatsoever. This time they have made both characters work on different levels. E’lara being a quick nimble character with ranged attacks and Caddoc being the tank.

This video showcases “The Crucible”. An extra feature that allows you to create your own custom dungeon to explore. It allows you to add in room after room in any form you like with waves of creatures of your choice. You can edit settings like unlimited ammo, size of the creature waves, etc. It looks to be an interesting idea to allow you to play with your buddy in any environment you wish.

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