Video Games = Art, but News still = Crap

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You heard me news. CRAP! (updated)

One major reason I stopped watching live TV is that I want to watch what I want to watch. News may go over current events, but only if they deem it entertaining enough to make them some money. Many times this kind of crap happens and you get to watch them take something completely out of the microwave of context and slather it with a big stick of paranoia butter. I’m happy to see video games finally starting to be considered by many as art but now come the knuckledraggers who won’t accept it until they get forced to.

In this instance we have Fox News spreading the worry about the government deciding to give grants to some video game companies. The idea is to put money into the groups that help with education, art, and the like to bolster them into some greater depth. The gentlemen over at Fox instead start screaming bloody murder about how your tax dollars are going to help pay for the next Call of Duty. They even brought in an individual in the geek culture to speak on the topic. To be “fair” they brought in a talk show host to speak on the alternate side. The former immediately tries to give proper information and steer the conversation towards a worthwhile debate, but they quickly shut him down and continue ranting about how our government spends too much money and games are bad!

Video games have a unique way to teach that could possibly be utilized in the future. Children with “ADD” can somehow have amazing problem solving skills and be able to focus on a task in a game for hours on end. With the art aspect it makes the same amount of sense as giving grants to movies for being artistic. Art is a very important thing in this society and can move people to do some amazing things. They’ve found correlations between the tone of media present in a country and how well the country does.



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