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Vanquish, Now With 100% Less Multiplayer

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more like fap-quish amirite?

For some unexplained reason, over the last couple of years…the idea of Multiplayer games just really soured my experiences with any game I was thinking of getting. Therefore, anytime a game that comes and shuns the industry standard of MP first, SP experiences second, I’m immediately interested. Vanquish just might be the game I’ve been waiting for when it comes to 3rd Person Shooters.

The upcoming Platinum Games shooter being created by Shinji Mikami (of Resident Evil fame) is NOT going to have any multiplayer elements. It’s a complete solo game, and I can’t be any happier…I just hope it’s good. We have gone over a few things about Vanquish before, and my lust for the game was slowly starting to cool until I found out the news today.

“Vanquish is very intense, full of action. There are just so many things going on. When you take that into a multiplayer environment, then you have to realistically consider shaving a lot of things off and putting them into your multiplayer environment.

It kind of boils down to whether you have the multiplayer but you don’t have that much impact, and end up being like everyone else. Or even below par, so that’s the main reason we’re keeping Vanquish as a single-player experience — to deliver the level of impact, the level of detail and the visuals we want to offer.”

notice the DARPA badge on his shoulder, that either means he's an American solider with some badass armor, or a Russian who stole it.

The game has much of what I love when it comes to videogames…1 man vs the world, armored battlesuits, quirky Japanese take on world events of the future, hand-to-hand combat with robots, and best of all cool-as-shit weapons! From what we’ve found out today, the game is being developed on the PS3 first and ported to the 360, so get ready for some great looking graphics.

Quotes courtesy of Eurogamer

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