Alan Smithee

Vampires Return to Skyrim

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I think I speak for all of the staff when I say…FUCK YES!

I’m not a Team Edward kind of douchebag and I’ve never even watched one episode of True Blood…hell I’ve even avoided anything with vampires in it because I feel that the market is waaaaay too saturated with the blood sucking assholes at the moment…I’m gonna write that down as a potential band name in fact.

Anyways, when playing The Elder Scrolls series, namely Oblivion, the ability for your character to turn into a vampire was something that I had a great time role-playing. It’s not so much that I fantasize about the prospect, but up until the point where my character contracted the disease (yes it’s a disease in the series) I had a character that was sickeningly good in alignment. Forcing me to step out of the box I had been playing the game with was a brilliant move and something I will willingly enjoy playing in Skyrim.

Half of the fun after getting bored with the having to travel at night and the ‘need to feed’ was seeking a cure that if I recall, was a real pain in the ass to make. I’m so ready for this game to come out.

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