Ryan Thomason

Uncharted Movie Joins Akira, Both Directorless

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Two movies that people didn’t want made are without directors since they both you know…quit. What nobody has dedication to sit on a pile of crap?

I’ve been happy since I read that Akira recently lost the director for the movie and will get put on hold for a while before they try to destroy the franchise in Neo-New York. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune though I knew nothing about it nor the gaming series that it came from. I’ve never been too keen on gaming movies, they just don’t work, or maybe I’m still traumatized from the Mario Brothers live action movie.

I’m not surprised David O Russel has stepped out of the project what with all the Oscar talk for The Fighter, he can dump movies like this that were probably just a paycheck. Sony Pictures is getting a new writer to work from the draft done by Thomas Dean Donnelly & Joshua Oppenheimer for the film. The studio is still moving ahead with the movie, I bet they get whoever didn’t make the cut to fill the shoes in as the new director of Wolverine..


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