Alan Smithee

Twisted Metal – E3 Trailer

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I don’t mean to be THAT guy, but I’m not especially excited to see a new Twisted Metal game, but I know I’m pretty much a vocal minority and that there are many more of you that are amped about this game coming out this October.

I don’t hate the series, I just never became a real fan of the series. I’ve got just about every single one of the games in my collection, including Twisted Metal Black for the PS2, I just never really had one of those ‘fuck yeah!’ moments that comes from playing it.

Regardless, if you’ve been dying to find out what happened to the psychopathic clown with a burning head, then this trailer is just for you…complete with uber-transforming ice-cream truck. This game just looks damn silly. Maybe I’ll give it a rental after it comes out on the 4th October of this year only on the PS3.

If the soundtrack has more than just the one Blue Stahli song, that’s even more of a plus.

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