Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Movie Review

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It is what all Twilight fans have been waiting for. …the wedding of Bella and Edward. The wedding is followed by the honeymoon and the long awaited sex scene. Many people will be disappointed at the actual sex shown but it is pg-13 so, it is what it is. Bellas pregnancy, the birth of Renesmee and Jacob imprinting make up the remainder of the movie. The scene is fally set for Bella to awaken as her bad-ass vampire self.


Twilight fans will love this just because it’s Twilight
It’s entertaining and fun, delivering two very anticipated scenes.


This definitely is not for people who haven’t read the books or seen the other movies.
There are two scenes in particular involving the wolves that are absolutely laughable and not for the right reasons!
Not A lot of fighting and vampire/wolf action so the guys will be bored!

If you’re a fan of Twilight, you’re already going to see this, if you’re not, it’s probably best you just let the ladies in your life have a girls night out.

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