Ryan Thomason

TV Tonight: Monday, November 14th

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What are you doing tonight? I’m changing poopy diapers, being farted on, and making dinner for two kids…then they won’t eat it and have mac n cheese instead. Maybe when the house is finally quiet I’ll check my DVR and watch some of these shows, thanks to Bill Frost for giving us a heads up, click the link to check out the rest of the shows going up tonight.

What’s new tonight:
Bored to Death (HBO) Jonathan’s girlfriend from college (Happy Endings’ Casey Wilson) hires him and, for some reason, George and Ray, to protect her family’s wedding jewels—hence, high comedy in black turtlenecks and wool caps. In other this-can’t-end-well developments, heartbroken Ray moves in with George. Related: Why the hell did Saturday Night Live ever fire Casey Wilson, anyway?

Hart of Dixie (The CW) Every week, I think “No, Hart of Dixie couldn’t possibly get any more stoopid”; every week, it proves me wrong. Tonight, NASCAR driver Brian Vickers guests just to withdraw his entry from the town’s annual turtle race … WT fuck? Meanwhile, Dr. Zoe (Rachel Bilson) catches the eye of a veterinarian and humpin’, er, love might be in the air.

The Headhuntress (Bravo) Special: Career coach Wendy Doulton teaches you how to find a job—even though, if you’re watching Bravo, chances are you really want nothing to do with employment, reality or leaving the couch.

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