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TV Tonight: 6/27

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Alright, I’m going to attempt this. Every Morning I will try to get you lined up with what I think might be the shows you should be watching from 7pm to 10pm. If anything I just hope I remind you about some shows that you’ve been meaning to watch but always forget. Opinions are always welcome so if I missed something that you think should be on here let me know!

Monday 6/27


The New (Episode): My Babysitters A Vampire (Disney) – Why the hell should you watch this? It’s Vampire baby sitters on the Disney Channel. Who wouldn’t want to start the night off with a train wreck of a series premier episode?

The Old (Syndication): 3rd Rock From The Sun (Reelz) – Awesome Cast, and just a funny show. At least it was in the 90’s.

People Doing Stupid Things (Reality TV): Bait Car (truTV) – A bunch of morons try to steal cars and then talk their way out of it when the car is shut off. It’s funny shit.


The New (Episode): Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back (Style) – I have no idea what the hell this show is, but based on that name, it sounds like it’s going to be a definite show to eat a row or two of Oreos to..
The Old (Syndication): Top Gear (BBC) – Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars, Cars. British Guys. Cars.
People Doing Stupid Things (Reality TV): Basketball Wives (VH1) – Yes, Basketball Players have wives, and apparently they are interesting enough to warrant a show. At least we can watch a sad Scottie Pippen be Sad.


The New (Episode): Hoarders (A&E) Ever needed a reason to clean the shit out of your house, then garage, then your car, then drive to your parents house and clean that too? This will make you do it after watching.
The Old (Syndication): Family Guy (TBS) Pad the pockets of Seth McFarlane.
People Doing Stupid Things (Reality TV): WWE: Monday Night Raw (USA) – The daddy of all reality TV shows, plus something about sports or whatnot.


Assuming you quit watching WWE
*WPR PICK OF THE NIGHT* The New (Episode): Doomsday Preppers (National Geographic Channel) – Four families and how they are prepping for the end of the world. Yeah this is my kind of show. Oh yes.
The Old (Syndication): Supernanny (Style) – Come on guys, admit, you have a little crush on Jo in all her Brit glory. Maybe it’s the glasses, definitely the glasses.
People Doing Stupid Things (Reality TV): Kate Plus 8 (TLC) Watch a woman dress like a tramp and parade her circus act of a family around so she can wring every last bit of (being famous) while she can. I don’t actually watch this show, but my wife does.

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