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TV Review, The Nine Lives of Chloe King (Episode 2)

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What, I’m still watching this? You betcha!

Yes, all of you that pointed and laughed at me for liking this show will have to put up with me talking more about it. It’s incredibly watchable, yeah, even if you’re a guy who’s toeing the 30’s line.

So, what happened this week? Xavier is Deeeeead, because Chloe kissed him. Apparently because she’s a Mai, kissing humans kills them. SO hopefully that Mom of hers that adopted Chloe has NEVER KISSED HER DAUGHTER EVER. You know, to set a precedent. Chloe goes to the funeral, because she’s sad, Xavier was her first kiss (this is where I start twirling my hair aimlessly while watching) and he like totally was cute. He’s got a brother though! His parents blame him for everything! He’s got drug problems! SO yeah, totally a guy worth investing time into.

Her Mai protector/stalker Alek, takes a break from jumping on car hoods this episode and doesn’t like this new “Chloe wants to fix the broken man” thing one bit. You can tell because every line of dialog he says is with a very serious face, and something like he’s trying to channel Christian Bale talking as Batman. I can’t fault him though, Chloe has superpowers, and she’s a teenager who just “wants to be normal”, he’s going to have his work cut out for him.

Paul is still my favorite character, because damn it, I support the geeks. Plus, he’s done what no geek in high school could have ever done. He’s dating a hot chick. Yeah, he’s Chloe’s best friends boyfriend too. How I missed that in the first episode I don’t know. I’m really hoping that Paul isn’t a support character the whole season. I’d like to see him try to step into a more sidekick/out in front helper of sorts. Not the guy that sits in the car trying to make out with his girlfriend while Chloe goes into a warehouse full of criminals and drugs. Hey, he’s a guy, I totally understand the need, that was my favorite part of this whole episode. You’ve all been there ladies, us guys can’t help it. Someone is about to get into a possible situation where they can get murdered. Guy looks at girl and he’s bored so he’s all doing that look like, “Wanna make out/have sex while we wait?” and the girl is all “Seriously?”

It’s happened to me a gillion times at least.

Oh and the Brian guy? His dad is the evil corporate asshole in the first episode that wants to kill the Mai, so yeah, this relationship he’s establishing with Chloe is TOTALLY going to work out. I’m hoping that next week they dive into the whole Mai thing a little more. Other than knowing they have cat like powers they need to start doing some ‘splaining if they want to keep people like me interested.

You can catch the third episode next Tuesday on ABC Family. Come on, do it, DO IT NOW.

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