Alan Smithee

Tron Legacy – New Trailer

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Lightcycles have come a looooong way from the low polygon count ones in the original...they're also much more sexy...i'm calling mine a fapcycle

Considering I was a Tron fan when I was only 2 or 3 years old, I am very interested to see how the story of Flynn has panned out over the last twenty-something years. From the previous trailer that was released, we can see that he is in the computer world and his computer alter-ego Clu was destroying some hapless program who crossed his path.

It seems like the story is going to be involving his son, who appears to be the same age as the target audience Disney has in mind, looking for clues as to where his father has disappeared. I’m only guessing that the laser that took Flynn into the computer world will make a comeback. I can’t wait to see the kid getting digitized!

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