Ryan Thomason

Torchwood Episode 8 – Mini Review (Death Bell Cometh)

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I mean Death Bell, not just for Captain Jacks former lover but I think this whole show is about to keel over.

I’m just going to come out and say it. Episode 8 wasn’t good. At all. Angelo died, that’s about it.

Newman showed up, got owned by Rex, then Newman blew himself up, Jerry would be happy about that at least.

Q then shows up (Is it just me or has The Continum made him fatter?), gets sassy with Gwen, then deports her ass back to Britian FOR BEING SASSY. The Red Baron/Snoopy quip was funny at least.

Jack is hiding something, which was incredibly obvious, what is it? A Null field, alien tech humans apparently aren’t ready for, so Jack steals the key component and they all make a break for it.

That’s it. I bet there may have been some deep intricate things that I missed, but shit, I don’t care about Dr. Who and whatever backstory things might have tied into that universe. The whole episode could have been two minutes long, and just showed the scenes I described and would have saved me 50 minutes of TV time.

With only two episodes left, if things don’t pick up and build on the main plot Torchwood won’t be coming back for another season.

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