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Torchlight 2 – Co-op Gameplay Trailer

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yes, concept try and find screenshots of Torchlight 2!

Seems our buddies at Runic games are giving the fans a bit of what they want at Gamescom this week. Yesterday, they finally had an announcement trailer for their upcoming awesomesauce game Torchlight 2, and it looks great.

Many of us are huge fans of Torchlight and have done our duty to get others involved in the game, so when we found out a little while ago that there was a Torchlight 2 in development and it wasn’t an MMO, but still had the co-op aspects we were hoping for…we dropped a pantload.

Jermaine and Evan will be for sure talking to these guys at PAX Prime in about 2 weeks, so expect more from the dynamic duo as the schmooze their way into Runic’s pants in Seattle.

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