Top 7 Disorienting Games

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Looking for a mind trip? Look no further than this dizzying, blinding, mind-exploding list.

7. Yoshi’s Island
At one specific instance on the level “Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy” there are fuzzy cloud-like things that float through the air. If you happen to touch one, the world turns into the Yellow Submarine. The music gets lilting and off key. Yoshi can’t stand straight and stumbles to catch himself repeatedly which is often considering the ground itself is now made of gelatin and is rolling like waves. Another level has a creature called the Grim Leecher that when it jumps on your back, replacing baby Mario, all your controls are reversed. This is a common one with many games where the effects range from a simple reversal of left and right, to completely random buttons that change from time to time to keep you from adapting.

6. F Zero and Extreme G
All the F Zero and Extreme G games are super fast paced and have some very unnerving physics built in. In Extreme G you will be driving along when suddenly the road stops and you are falling off the cliff only to find that the track is now going vertically down towards the center of the earth. My mother would get motion sickness and couldn’t watch it. F Zero (especially the newer ones) have tracks that are not just a lane with sides, but sometimes a smooth tunnel that allow driving on the ceiling and walls. Or even worse is driving on the outside of tube/wire. You turn or get bumped and you spiral around the wire like a spring to your doom.

5. Any combat game with Flashbangs
If you’ve played Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, or any other game that implements flashbangs, you’ve dealt with this. Some are much worse than others. The worst one I’ve seen leaves a burnt imprint of what you were last looking at on the screen and has nothing more than a high pitched tone for the audio. You will recoil away from combat or unload your weapon in hopes of saving yourself and when you come to (if you are still alive) you find yourself face first in a wall with fresh bullet holes all over it. Luckily for most of us, these instances last only a few seconds. When playing capture the flag or defend the base however, when defending a room, you may see 5-10 flashbangs all enter one after the other that I can only assume is an attempt to make you go into a seizure. Play in a dark room for best results.

4. Call of Cthulu
When dealing with elder gods, it tends to have a toll on your sanity. Having premonitions of impending doom, blurry screens, and a fear of heights? That’s just the makings for a bad day. This game can get really hard to follow visually because whenever your character gets stressed he becomes harder to control and the screen gets impossible to see through. Whenever you are standing at a ledge, being chased, or seeing a horrific sight like ANYTHING AT ALL IN THIS GAME, it slowly gets worse and worse.

3. GTA and Saint’s Row
In almost every one of these games is a level that requires some good driving after being heavily inebriated or getting a HUGE contact high from setting whole fields of pot aflame. In GTA4 you get the choice to drive home drunk after any attempt to go drinking with your buddies. The controls are technically unchanged, but the screen is all over the place and it takes some amazing twitch controls to keep the vehicle on the road let alone in between the lines. Just from trying to walk to my vehicle or to a cab I have fallen over and been hit by passing cars. Some may say this is a game full of bad influences. I say it’s a game of cause and effect. You decide to drive home completely wasted in this game and you may not make it.

2. Perfect Dark
This game was one of my favorite FPS’s of all time. Take Goldeneye, add in a polygonal vixen, bot players, tons of weapon choices, and a little over the top storyline and you have Perfect Dark. They re-released it in 1080p for xbox live not too long ago as well. Anyway… the reason this one is so high is due to a couple weapons the sadistic creators decided to add in. First is the tranquilizer gun. It doesn’t hurt you really, it just makes your screen a bit wobbly, but they added in an 8 round clip with quick rate of fire and reload time. Get hit by more than 4 of these and you will LITERALLY be unable to see what’s going on. What’s worse is that even after they finally decide to put you out of your misery, you respawn and you are STILL DIZZY. The other weapon, the N-Bomb is a handheld grenade that can be thrown or proximity triggered. It has a wide area effect of the same dizzying blur. This is one of the few things in a game that has actually made my eyes hurt from dizziness.

1. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem
The most psychologically damaging game on this list by far is this one. Not content to screw with your vision, your character may suddenly have his head lopped off and yet keep walking. One that I’ve seen has you getting lucky by finding plenty of victuals and ammo all over, and as you start thinking, “Oh, what luck!” the game plops you back a few seconds before you found them and now they aren’t there. Just plain dirty. These doesn’t compare with the tricks that it pulls on the players themselves, though. All of a sudden your TV will claim it has been switched to another video input or it will claim that the controller has become unplugged. Or one favorite is that the volume will claim to have been lowered as if your cat has stepped on the remote again. Of course, you turn up the volume to compensate… only to the chagrin of the game when they play a LOUD scream. The screen may shut off, you can even get a blue screen of death. The penultimate effect is when it claims it’s deleting your save files. MESSED UP.

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