Ryan Thomason

Tonight, Twilight Fans Will Die.

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>Well, not because of murder, but well, Twilight fans have a way of getting spontaneous combustion whenever they think the books are becoming real. Tonight is a lunar eclipse which means that the moon will appear bigger and take on a reddish color. I’m sure there are a ton of girls with no mental capacity who will think Edward and Jacob will come dashing out of nowhere to give vampire c sections and imprint their werewolf love on their under aged gray matter.

Actually, this display comes courtesy of our atmosphere, which will filter out blue light as it traverses between the moon and sun starting at 1:33 a.m. EST Tuesday morning—allowing only orange and red wavelengths to reach the moon and bounce back to Earthbound observers.

The event should culminate around 2:41 a.m. EST Tuesday, with the moon a deep crimson before it starts to slowly revert back to its usual cold, pale face after about 72 minutes in total eclipse. Some aspects of the event will also be visible to viewers in Western Europe and Asia, but North America is best positioned for viewing.

“It’s perfectly placed so that all of North America can see it,” said Fred Espenak, of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, according to the AP.

No special equipment is needed to view the eclipse, and, unlike a solar eclipse, it can be seen safely with the naked eyes. As a bonus, tonight’s eclipse will be made more visible by the fact that it’s occurring on the winter solstice—the one night of the year when the moon is highest in the sky.

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